Dear Jeff:

I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for all your efforts these past months. I appreciate how closely you have worked with us to ensure that Cappa Productions is well staffed and on solid footing as we move into the future.  You have always attended to these matters with a sense of urgency and confidentiality, for which I am grateful. 

I look forward to an enduring relationship.

Best Regards, Martin Scorsese

Dear Jeff:

Your hard work and dedication over the past years have assisted in placing some of the best “Sony Pictures Entertainment” staff.  Thanks for your talent, your sense of urgency and more importantly your honesty. A round of applause should be given to yourself and your staff.

Sincerely, Barbara Chardavoyne, 
(former Vice-President, Human Resources)


Dear Jeff,  
I'm writing to thank you for having put me on my current -and extraordinarily positive- career path.  Without your wisdom and guidance, it's hard to imagine my having the personal and career joy I now experience.  You helped me to find a better future and sense of self.  When I think of how many people you've done this for over the years, it makes me very grateful to call you a friend, mentor, teacher and more. 

With deep appreciation always,
Moishe Friedman
(Former F1E applicant and now digital consultant to major media firms)

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to say “thank you”. Being introduced to you has been so significant in my career search. You are intuitive beyond words, kind, thoughtful and the hardest working man I know.  You have an amazing sense of people and an innate ability to read them, and always have my best interests at heart.  You’ve become my life coach.  Jeff, you’re one of the finest people I have ever met and I am honored to call you a friend and mentor.    

All the best, Virginia 
(Applicant and former Columbia Pictures Industries Feature Film Production Accountant)

Dear Jeff, 

I sincerely feel that meeting you and having the benefit of your wisdom and expertise was the most fortunate turn in my life.” It was truly a blessing I was given your number when I was. Thank you for your faith in me.  

(former F1E applicant and later client at major motion picture company)